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Smart Wallet
Smart Wallet
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Smart Wallet

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Keep Your Belongings Secured

Do you want a simple yet convenient wallet for your everyday use? Now keep all your stuff secured in the Anti-Theft Smart Wallet. The smart Bluetooth anti-theft wallet is made of durable genuine cowhide leather and comes in black, brown, or deep blue. The smart wallet has Bluetooth 4.0 technology with two-way smart find, anti-theft function, and wireless remote control features.


  • The anti-theft wallet is made of high quality durable genuine cowhide leather with polyester lining that lasts.
  • Two-way smart find: the smart wallet will help you find your wallet or cell phone.
  • Smart Bluetooth anti-theft function: the anti-theft smart wallet allows users to be notified immediately on their smartphone if their wallet is out of the server range.
  • 2600mAh powerbank built inside for charging devices on the go.
  • Wireless remote control: the smart wallet can be a remote control to take a photograph. Can be used as a remote control for videos or recording.
  • The anti-theft wallet is precisely handmade to give an overall comfortable feel and stylish look.
  • Acts as a WiFi hotspot
  • Thief detector camera installed so you know WHO has your wallet
  • The anti-theft wallet has a large capacity to hold cards, cash, notes, etc.
  • Applicable models: iPhone iOS7.0 or later, Android 4.3 or later.
  • The smart Bluetooth wallet is an ideal gift for your loved ones.
  • A versatile unisex anti-theft wallet for daily and casual use.
  • The anti-theft wallet has Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

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